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Three things: I am glad thar someone mentioned that there is plastic wrap around the battery that must be removed. Second, it is a challenge to get the battery connectors to line up when reinserting the battery since the unit connectors are not stationery.

I had to work on it for a bit but got them lined up & the battery seated into the unit to allow the cover to slip back into place.

I tested the light & pushed the "On" button once. Three of my dogs came running so we shall see how things go once my broken foot will allow me to walk again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petgentle Ultrasonic Pet Trainer.

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Uhmmm, the 9 volt "connector" is tobe pulled out -- it's a 2 wire pigtail with standard 9 v connector on it -- to attach to battery. If it's to difficult to push both on simultaneously, offset the connector slightly to allow you to push one connector on AND then rotate / move it to push on to other battery terminal.

(This has been the standard for 9 volt battery connection for "transistor radios" since the 50s and 60s; and many other 9v devices.) FYI, my wife had "installed" the battery as you noted... and the terminals were not fully seated.

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