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The PetGentle we bought has absolutely no effect on the beautiful and intelligent 3 year old German Shepherd we recently acquired from the Tri County Animal Shelter outside Edenton, NC. She totally ignores it, and just keeps on barking whenever, out walking, she sees a cat or a small dog; or a vulture flying over our yard.

Wish we had seen more reviews to warn us off from wasting money on it.

Highly recommend a red rubber toy, called a Sumo, which is the only thing she has not destroyed: found it in Walmart - got the largest size. She also likes playing tug of war with a branch knocked out of a tree by a storm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petgentle Ultrasonic Pet Trainer.

Reason of review: not effective as advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I bought pet gentle for my male dog. he is 11 and barks at everything and does not stop.

I also have a rescue female (4 yrs old). When i tried it on my male dog, my female dog was not around (at first) I pointed it at him and then noticed the female was coming towards us. she immediately freaked out and ran for the hills. The male looked at me - shook his head - and then barked one more time.

I went after my girl and found her in the master bathroom walk in shower cowering in the corner. This was 2 days ago. she has slowly gotten back to normal but is definitely not the same yet. My male - little to no effect.

He does bark with less ferocity but not much. But my girl is now more terrified of everything.

If she does not get better by tomorrow we will be taking her to the vet. I am not sure if the behavior is related but we have not used Pet Gentle since that first episode.I was so hopefully when i purchased it and now i just pray i did not do serious damage to my female dog.


I wish I read your review before I just bought it. I'm perpetually hopeful....


I have a Great Pyrenees that Barks A LOT. It is his nature to be up all night and patrolling the back yard.

I have been looking for a solution and was considering this but these product reviews are very helpful and I cannot see wasting any money on a product that so many people have problems with. it would seem that there would be some consumer protection site that this should be reported to.

to Gordon Dahl #1537707

I have a Aussie. I purchased a very good static shock collar, I started with the sound signal only and she was so mystified that all I have to do now is either pick up the collar or control piece and she immediately stops and lays down.

Now I say collar and she stops. My shepherd is the one I have to zap occasionally but it is very effective on her at lower levels.

We have 6 dogs on one side of us who bark constantly so teaching my dogs it isn't OK was a little challenging without that collar. Flashing lights in her eyes would set her into a seizure.


Thanks for saving me money!


thank you for saving me


I need more information and reviews to be provided before I place an order. Thank you for your opinion

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