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This is a Complete SCAM and total waste of money -- my dog was not impressed nor was I. Not to mention, the battery didn't even work half the day.

Another interesting and very telling .fact.: regardless of time day or hour when I go on the Pet Gentle website and type my "comment" in the little block it's always Rejected -- and a message pops up that "Server is busy, please enter your comment later."

Not sure why this website requires 100 words to offer a legitimate complaint that can be stated in a very few so i will just ramble on and on and on and on and on until i reach the required 100 words.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Scam.

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I sure wish I'd read all these pissed off reviews! If I had, I never would I have ordered one, much less the two anti-dog bark mechanisms that I ordered at least 2 months ago and haven't yet received!

Don't the Attorney's General in each state have an obligation to check this kind of fraud out? Just wondering!


another scan im saved from


Thanks for saving me from making this mistake!!


PetGentle has lost a potential sale because of the consistently negative consumer comments like yours. Thanks for sharing, and helping me to decide not to buy.

to CjV #1611329

Well, I am pretty sure nothing is going to work until most of you dog owners grow a brain! People just like to blame everyone else for what they are too lazy to learn and do themselves, like train "Barkels the dog not to BARK and not to go *** in other peoples yards.

Dog owners are to blame! You guys need to read instructions and then apply them to your pooch.... THAT IS...

IF YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH!?!? Which I really doubt!!!

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