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This is a Complete SCAM and total waste of money -- my dog was not impressed nor was I. Not to mention, the battery didn't even work half the day.

Another interesting and very telling .fact.: regardless of time day or hour when I go on the Pet Gentle website and type my "comment" in the little block it's always Rejected -- and a message pops up that "Server is busy, please enter your comment later."

Not sure why this website requires 100 words to offer a legitimate complaint that can be stated in a very few so i will just ramble on and on and on and on and on until i reach the required 100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petgentle Ultrasonic Pet Trainer.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Scam.

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I sure wish I'd read all these pissed off reviews! If I had, I never would I have ordered one, much less the two anti-dog bark mechanisms that I ordered at least 2 months ago and haven't yet received!

Don't the Attorney's General in each state have an obligation to check this kind of fraud out? Just wondering!

to Sharon Grant-Roscher #1669823

That will be my next step if they don't reply to my letter which I was advised to write by The Fair Trade Commission. Trying to get them on the phone is a total waste of time and they do not respond to emails either. If you write a bad review on their website they delete it.


another scan im saved from


Thanks for saving me from making this mistake!!


PetGentle has lost a potential sale because of the consistently negative consumer comments like yours. Thanks for sharing, and helping me to decide not to buy.

to CjV #1611329

Well, I am pretty sure nothing is going to work until most of you dog owners grow a brain! People just like to blame everyone else for what they are too lazy to learn and do themselves, like train "Barkels the dog not to BARK and not to go *** in other peoples yards.

Dog owners are to blame! You guys need to read instructions and then apply them to your pooch.... THAT IS...

IF YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH!?!? Which I really doubt!!!

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